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Meet the new #BackBeat500 and step up to a wireless experience. Learn more hours 11 min ago
Hi, would you mind DM us your unit's model, a description/image of the problem and your country of residence to follow up?-10 hours 46 min ago
2/2 details and your country of residence in order to provide you appropriate troubleshooting instructions for your unit.-11 hours 1 min ago
1/ Sorry to hear that Todd. You can find our M70/M90 eartip kit (and earloop) with part number 201777-03 Please DM us the-11 hours 2 min ago
It's no wonder why gave #Voyager5200 an Editors Choice Award w/features like: • Adaptive Mics • Smart Sensor… day 10 hours ago
Hey Byron, are you only using the #BackBeatGO3 for working out? If so, the #BackBeatFIT is something we could get on...-1 day 10 hours ago
3/3 if the problem resides on your headset or computer. Feel free to private message us the details if you require assistance!-1 day 10 hours ago
2/ itself and not to a USB hub/docking station/monitor. If the issue is the same you might want to try on a different PC to see-1 day 10 hours ago
1/ Hi Josh, please try restarting your PC, connecting your headset to a different USB port and ensure it's connected to the PC-1 day 10 hours ago


Meet the new #BackBeat500 and step up to a wireless experience. — Products shown: BackBeat 500 Series.
about 8 hours 19 min ago
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