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Plantronics BackBeat 500 Series Headphones Review

Publish Date:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 12:44 pm PDT

News Organization:

G Style Magazine

Source URL:

Plantronics has come a long way in establishing their wireless headphones portfolio geared towards those that want to enjoy their music in the best way possible with little compromise. They achieved those goals with the BackBeat Pro and then following up with its great successor the BackBeat Pro 2. In between that there was the BackBeat Sense which came with similar features in an on-ear format.

While Plantronics wireless headphones have been affordable in their respectable categories, they are going after the Under $100 Club with the Plantronics BackBeat 500 Series.

Closer in resemblance to the Backbeat Sense, the 500 Series feature on-ear memory foam cups as well as being outfitted into the headband. Inside the earcups is large etching indicating which side is which. Like most of their headbands it is rather flexible. For on-ear headphones I didn’t find them as tight as some others I have rocked especially with me wearing glasses most of the time. Also, with the earcups they do swivel for easy storage. I always give it to Plantronics for making life easier for those that travel.

These aren’t as feature rich as their big brothers but at the price point these sell for its understandable. Still though you are getting an impressive 18 hours of battery life and best yet the 500 Series will go into a Deep sleep mode when not used. I realistically have only charged these headphones once since using them. That’s always a plus on my side. One thing I wasn’t too thrilled about though is the play controls on the left ear cup. They all feel too similar and maybe wish the pad was slightly more responsive. I tend to use my phone to navigate anyway 80% of the time but still.

The button under the right ear cup when holding it did an excellent job of activating Google Assistant on the Pixel XL and following commands. Saying “Play Future Mask Off” opened Google Play Music right up and saying, “Open Calendar” reminded up of my next appointment.

Having them synced with multiple devices was a breeze and had no issues on that end. Also, being away from the actual device deemed well as far as range was concerned as they are slated to give you about 33 feet apart.

Rocking 40mm drivers, the BackBeat 500 Series pumps out impressive sound quality for a set costing $79.99. Clarity is heard in vocals such as ASAP FERG “Work” with no distortion even at its highest level. This track and “Shabba” also are tested to check out the bass. These do provide some nice bass but you won’t get the thuds you get from say the Pro2 or even the Sense. But of course, those are double and triple the price as well.

For $80, the BackBeat 500 Series by Plantronics can easily find its place in the Under $100 Club. Providing superb sound and impressive battery life is good to see without having to break the bank. These can be good for yourself or even as a gift to someone else. Their durability could be a plus for kids too. If you are looking for things such as Open Mic, NFC, and a more immersive sound you can always opt for their BackBeat Pro 2 which are greater in price but worth the upgrade. If you need something a bit more style there is also the BackBeat Sense.

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